Consider now the repercussions of accepting the tenet that the trinity is a false teaching.  It means that we pray to the only God of the Creation, the Father of Yeshua (Jesus).  It means that we never pray to Yeshua (Jesus).  It means that if we continue to believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is God in the flesh, we are blaspheming against God and practicing idolatry.  I have often been bewildered by the Jews of the Tanach practicing idolatry after all the marvelous wonders God wrought on their behalf throughout their history.  Now I can better comprehend this occurrence by what has transpired in the history of Christianity in falling for the concept of three persons constituting one God, called the trinity.  God forgive us!
Humans are not robots.  Robots are programed to “think” and function in a prescribed manner.  I am afraid that I and many others have been “programed” to think and believe in a predetermined manner.  By repetitive teaching and preaching, we are sometimes lulled into unknowingly accepting a doctrine without weighing the truth of the matter.
It all comes down to this.  You have to personally weigh the facts of the issue and conclude whether or not to accept the doctrine of the trinity.  I personally cringe each time I hear someone say from the pulpit that Yeshua (Jesus) is God in the flesh.  God is spirit! 
God is one!  Let us worship Him in spirit and in truth!

This I believe!